Volcano & Wild South by 4X4
Landscape in the south Plaine des sables Sugar Cane field in the south Trekking by the Volcano Trekking Volcano Crater Bike Riding at the Volcano
Departure in direction to Saint-Pierre to the Piton de la Fournaise’s massif, considered as one of the most active volcano of the world (three eruptions per year).

Born thanks to an important eruption at the South East of the island, 400 000 years ago, now it covers a third of the island area. You reach it to climb back to “Plaine des Cafres”, a cattle-breeding area dotted with a large variety of plants.

At Bourg Murat, you take the forest path to the Volcano. Along the road, you won’t miss the numerous viewpoints. First « Nez de Bœuf » an exceptional panorama on the « Rivière des Remparts » a huge canyon witness of the firs caldera caused by the Volcano summit falling down. Next, it’s the amazing discovery of the exceptional lunar landscape of the « Plaine des Sables » born too thanks to the second Volcano falling down. The arrival at Pas de Bellecombe, located at 2311 m of altitude, is surprising : its majesty the « Piton de la Fournaise » stands up in the middle of Fouquet enclosure.

Continuation to the most beautiful landscape of the Wild South via La Plaine Des Palmistes, which is still an authentic village with magnificent Creole huts. You will crossing Le Pont de La Rivière de l’Est, a wonderful work, which it will take you in Sainte Rose.

The discoveries continue with the rivers of lava that crossed the national road several times during the past decades (flow lava in 1977 which destroy many villages but miraculously the Piton Sainte Rose church and the lava flow in 1986 which enlarged the island of 30 hectares).

Then you will see the lava flow of 2005, a real natural masterpiece, which had the same trails of the lava flow of January 2002 which swallows up the site la Vierge au Parasol (the Virgin with sunshade) before to jump into the ocean. The lava flow of 2004 keeps an original eruption with the appearance of several cones at sea level.

Before to go away from the enclosure, last view on the capricious lava flow of 2001, the lava flow of November 2002 without forget the lava flow of April 2007… Continuation through the forest of Basse Vallée for the discovery of one of most delicate and mysterious cultures in the area : Vanilla.

You will take a forest trail by 4x4 across the rich coloured woods and sugar canes plantation (sensations and emotions guaranties) where you can discover various endemic plants, some medicinal and sacred ones. You will reach a guesthouse, an authentic paradise at the end of the world. You will savour a traditional Creole lunch during which you will sample the area speciality : Palmist.

You will leave this enchanter setting to Cap Méchant where the very rough sea never grow tired to throw over-size geysers to the sky. Return to the hotel at the end of the day crossing different south coast cities (Saint-Joseph, Saint Pierre…).

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