The Wild South
Landscape in the south Sugar Cane field in the south
Blue, Black and Green
Early departure to the South. After crossing Grands Bois and dominant winds zone, you will discover as one goes along a country with changeable landscape. Since centuries, ocean and wild coast rocks engage a titanic fighting! Tropical rains abundantly water the whole vegetal blanket, which gives at these sites a beautiful exuberance. Primary forests carpet the volcanic summits foothills, for the white tailed tropicbirds and papangues happiness.

Grand-Anse was the first inhabited place of the South. The site is impressive: coconuts shade, green blanket until the sandy beach where whole corals indicate that is a young island and we must to visit it with care and without break its first centuries fragility. In this way, factories ruins testify past times, which give their place to a modernism, which further step by step.

Le Tremblet, le Brûlé, the lava flows, the « AA » and the « Pahoehoé » pull up from your chest taken aback sigh! We are in the heart of the show! How the hell’s doors could be so close to the paradise? It’s unusual that dingy is beautiful, that pathetic is so admirable. These unique sceneries and these flashes of the birth of a world are hard to describe. It’s a privilege to be here.

In the Perfumes and Spices Garden that you will visit in the afternoon, it just misses Adam & Eve’s presence. Otherwise all is here. What add?

Return to your hotel around 6PM.

Higher altitude: 320 metres
Temperatures: 22 to 23°C
What to wear: good shoes, rainwear, sunscreen cream, mosquito lotion
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