Maidos Peak
Bike Riding at Maido's Peak Maido's Peak View Point Sunset at Maido's Peak View Point
A Window On Mafate
An exceptional ascent rate! On 27 km, you will be from the sea level to 2 200 m of altitude! The landscape changes as one goes along the ascent: villages, acacias forest, geranium fields, typical forest of tamarinds and finally the edge of Mafate Cirque. This sightseeing reveals a spectacular and breathtaking island! A cirque over more than 9 000 hectares is at your feet; about fifteen villages and thousand kilometres of trekking paths are hidden in the bustling meanders of an appealing mountain. The Indian Ocean summit is here, it is within reach. Distances are impossible to calculate, here all is spectacular!

On the way back, stop over in a geranium essence oil producer for a discovery of Creole customs linked at free living besides the essence oil’s typical aroma.

Saint Paul’s market is a rich summary of Indian Ocean products. Stroll about its colourful aisles through Martin hot pepper, baskets of bitter Margoze, Pitaya crates, delicious Qunquat cardboard boxes, naïve malagasy embroideries, home cooked meats, hats and bags hand-woven in Vacoa. The visit of this market on the ocean banks leaves its mark on your souvenirs for a long time.

Return to the hotel around 12.30PM.

Higher altitude: 2205 metres
Temperatures: 8 to 23°C (very quick variations)
What to wear: good shoes, rainwear, pullover, sunscreen cream.

Handling fees + Round trip transfers (West coast hotels) + 3 full days excursions
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