Dimitile & Cirque of Cilaos by 4x4
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7AM : Departure from the hotel to the South, for an intense day, oriented towards botanical and slavery History.
Stop at the Souffleur (lava tunnel in which the sea rushes violently causing geyser).
Head for ENTRE-DEUX : Creole islet, which differs with its way of life and its inestimable architectural museum. Start the Dimitile ascent (high plateau took up before by  black-brown population) through a trail until 1852 metres of altitude where you could discover the primary forest rich of medicinal plants, mimosas and arborescent bracken…
A little walk of 10 minutes will take you without any hurdles to a geodesic point where you will admire a unique and extraordinary scenery including :
- The majestic Piton Des Neiges
- A plunging view on CILAOS Cirque
- A panorama over La Plaine Des Cafres
- A cliché of the south coast and of ENTRE-DEUX.


After overhang the CILAOS Cirque, you will go inside this village ancient “black-brown population refuge” by  dizzy road where each bend make you discover mind-blowing landscape.
After crossing the last tunnel, you will take the direction to « Bras-Sec » village via  « Le Bonnet du Prêtre » where you will have the opportunity to see lentil field, the main culture of Cilaos.
You will cross too a cryptomerias forest to find « La Roche Merveilleuse » rocky promontory in the heart of the forest, where you have a wonderful panorama on the cirque and its villages and where the scrappy topography and spectacular of the cirque will impress you.
A Creole lunch will be served in the customs and you will have the opportunity to sample the Cilaos lentil.
The afternoon will be dedicated to the village visit: the commercial street, the church, the embroidery, the wine warehouses etc…

Return to the hotel around 5.30PM with a stop at the marine Gouffre of ETANG-SALE (natural  cavity of volcanic rock).of the day crossing different south coast cities (Saint-Joseph, Saint Pierre…).

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