Cirque Of Cilaos
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An Island In An Island

7AM or 7.30AM: Departure to the South West. First stop in Saint-Leu surroundings along the rocky coast to admire a natural curiosity, the “Souffleur” which means the “Blower”. It’s a beautiful kind of white foam geyser, resembling a whale’s spout. Then crossing through Saint-Louis: its factories, its mosque, its Hindu temple and its church. We will leave the RN 1 direction to the mountains.


After the crossing of the pretty village of la Rivière Saint-Louis with its traditional Creole huts and its gorgeous gardens “à la Française”, we enter in the Bras de Cilaos Valley where takes place the renowned “400 bends” road! You will marvel at this setting! The site uniqueness eases the ascent apprehension, and the ascent to the hamlets is really comfortable.

The narrow tunnels, the majestic and graceful Peter Both, the unusual village of Palmiste Rouge, the dizzy ramparts and the lush summits will make you forget the time. Because time in this landscapes are eternity fragments that nobody wants to count!

Here is Cilaos at 1300 metres of altitude on average! Thermal, sporty and farming city, it’s above all the place where exists the highest French wine lands! The Chamonix twin is a heaven. From la Roche Merveilleuse site, we overlook the whole Cirque, and beyond the legend, the spectacular views will exhausted all the superlatives that you could know! After the handcraft visit of the « Jours de Cilaos », an embroidery house and a Creole lunch, we will get back to the coast.

A last stop will be suggest at Etang-Salé, to visit: « Le Gouffre ». This site is another natural curiosity, which have many stories.

Return to the hotel around 5PM.

Higher altitude: 1300 metres Temperatures: 12 to 24°C
What to wear: good shoes, rainwear, pullover, sunscreen cream

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