Cirque Of Salazie
Church Of Salazie Cirque Of Salazie Aerial View Cirque Of Salazie
A Tropical Garden
7.30AM or 8AM: Departure to the North. The main road, circulation, this area is plenty of activities, because it is the economic heart of Reunion Island. As soon as you will cover the 13 kilometres of the famous coastal road to Saint Denis, you will discover its old Creole houses dating to the East India Trade Company period, its metropolitan atmosphere and its bourgeois charm, and just after the Sainte-Marie’s green sugar canes plantations.

At the edge of the East, the colourful architecture of Hindu temples delights your eyes. Your sense will be subject to a severe test! Aromatic beans are programmed: vanilla exploitation, pioneer saga and all the subtlety preparation, such as exquisite perfumes, take hold of your senses until ecstasy!

The Salazie access is a succession of amazing landscapes, where green is strong present. Thousand essential oil, waterfalls and flowers will accompany you until the top, around 1 000 m of altitude! The village, which honour Governor Hell, is a real Creole architecture living museum: acute roofing, tamarind shingle, exquisite “lambrequins” and other local architectures will solicit constantly your cameras!

The visit of la « Maison Folio » is affecting trip to the past, a past where top hats and swallow tailed orbited around thermal baths and danced during unforgettable governor’s balls. The three gardens house contains furniture in precious wood and historic domestic instruments. Return to the hotel around 5PM.

Higher altitude: 1000 metres Temperatures: 12 to 25°C
What to wear: good shoes, rainwear, pullover, sunscreen cream and mosquito lotion.
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