Cirque Of Salazie By 4x4
Cirque Of Salazie Aerial View Church Of Salazie Cirque Of Salazie
A Tropical Garden
Departure from the hotel at about 7:00 am in the direction of the North to admire the Waterfall « Niagara » before attacking the climb towards the most green cirque of the island « Salazie ». The road towards Salazie is a real garden of greenery and waterfalls, where the water come from mountains tumbles along slopes in lace curtains brilliant as the « veil of the bride ».Several stops photos will be proposed to you.

We shall continue our trip towards Grand Ilet, put off and wild place known for its breedings and his agriculture. An omnipresent culture is the one of the « chouchou » who makes the pride of the cirque. The « chouchou » is cultivated in vine arbours but grow almost in the wild state, given the very wet ambient climate. Direction « Le Bélier » by the forest road to admire a panorama to take the breath away of you with an open and exceptional view on the cirque of Mafate (only inaccessible cirque by car) and the highest massifs of the island. Salazie is the most green 3 cirques. Return via the village of Salazie then climb towards the village of Hell-Bourg to go then to have lunch towards « Ilet à Vidot ».

Only accessible by a track, 4x4 will lead you up to the “hut” of Mr Elisabeth, an outstanding place. Real haven of peace in the middle of nowhere, you will sample the traditional Creole cooking : cooked carry in the campfire, served in leaves of banana, accompanied with the speciality of the cirque the « chouchou » whom we sample in cheese-topped dish, in salad or still in the form of « brèdes » : a pure moment of happiness.

After a moment of relaxation by the river, guides will invite you for a visit of the village of Hell-Bourg. This ancient health resort was the “fashionable” meeting of the persons having hydrotherapy weakened in 19th century. Classified among the most beautiful villages of France Hell-bourg is the perfect museum living on the Creole architecture where we find compartments of a big patrimonial value. Return towards the coast to go to Saint Paul where is held on Fridays a weekly market. It is unquestionably the most beautiful, the most picturesque and the most colored of the island. Its place on the sea front in fact a pleasant place to walk.. Includes stands of small business crafts of Indian Ocean, chemists, florists, fishmongers and traders of fruits and vegetables, spices etc....You will be completely confused and can walk while digging into your small bag of local specialities: tropical fruits, samoussas, bouchons, bonbons piment, prawn crackers and any sorts of country cakes.

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