LUX* Resorts and Hotels
LUX Resorts and Hotels In Mauritius
LUX* Resorts and Hotels is a local hotel brand in the Indian Ocean operating selection of Premium hotels.

Inspired by exquisite topicality, ‘Island Light’ is an authentic celebration of island living. LUX* will take you deep into the exhilarating flavors, cultures, and panoramas of our island. LUX* will offer an original, rich tableau of tropical resort experiences, deeply engraved into your memories, lasting much longer after the tan has faded.

Doing the ordinary, extraordinarily, LUX* will make you delight in the simple pleasures, clear rather than cluttered, free not formal and spontaneous rather than predictable… in its brighter, lighter take on luxury.

Founded in 1987, LUX* Island Resorts is a collection of premium hotels in the Indian Ocean, with several hotel properties in Mauritius, the Maldives and Reunion Island.

LUX* offering its guests the opportunity to celebrate genuine island life and enjoy light living, away from the hush-rush of mundane reality.

An affiliate member of GML, which is a major economic player in the Indian Ocean, and one of the leading Mauritian companies, LUX* is thoroughly—and commendably—performing its duties towards society and the environment.

Impeccable service has brought it fame. TamTamTours is the place where you get everything you ask for—and at cheap rates!

Accommodation In Mauritius

Accommodation In Mauritius

A Situated on the pristine beaches of Grand Bay, Tam Tam Tours Beach offers the perfect fusion of calm relaxing sea and vibrant bustling town for the ambivalent traveler. Calm, peace, and comfort Accommodation In Mauritius. The dressed stone walls and thatched roofs through lush, tropical gardens and magnificent fine sandy beach grant the hotel a unique identity with authenticity. Spa treatments beneath the starry night while the waves are gently lapping at the shores will create the perfect setting for the sweetest of your dreams. For the food- and variety-lover, a themed buffet is prepared every night, giving you an exclusive opportunity to discover gastronomy styles from all around the world.

Resorts and Villas in Mautitius

Resorts and Villas In Mauritius

Tam Tam Tours Resorts and Villas in Mautitius is an unparallelled experience that you can tailor entirely to your dreams The only one of its kind on the island, our luxury five-star resort will delight guests with the quiet opulence of its private villas. Drawing on its Indian heritage, the Tam Tam Tours experience, which includes an award-winning Holistic Spa, haute cuisine and a private pool in the grounds of every villa, is synonymous to understated elegance.

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