LUX* Tea Horse Road Lijiang

A luxury hotel in Lijiang, China – the gateway to the fascinating Yunnan province Mountain Light... Opening a window onto one of China’s hidden treasures, discovering a unique journey through one of China’s most spectacular routes – the Tea Horse Road...

LUX* Tea Horse Road – an exclusive and original discovery adventure that guides, inspires and delights our guests as they embark on a transformational journey through the historic circuit of LUX* Tea Horse Road – is a unique experience, an experience of a lifetime.

Tucked into Lijiang’s ancient town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, this boutique hotel stages exceptional local experiences to connect discerning travellers with the essence of the ancient town and its magical surroundings.

Located in a typical courtyard-shape residence, our luxury hotel in Lijiang banishes thoughtless patterns and offers a simple, fresh and sensory approach to showcasing the renowned ‘city of bridges’ of Lijiang.

Home to a profusion of traditional architecture and culture, Lijiang provides LUX* the perfect backdrop to celebrate the local Naxi culture whilst providing its guests a Lighter, Brighter experience in refreshingly modern comforts.

Expect personalized adventurous excursions inspired by The LUX* Tea Horse Road original trail, experience original Naxi cooking classes directly from Baisha villagers, learn about the legendary Pu’er tea with in-house tea ceremonies, find your message in a bottle around the narrow lanes of the old town, dare the challenging surroundings on a horseback or simply enjoy what we love most, explore the myriads of faces of Lijiang ancient town.


Junior Suite

Traditionally furnished with a lighter touch, the Junior Suite features a spacious sofa area facing one of the Naxi courtyards of the hotel. Complete with a working desk and en-suite bathroom, the Junior Suite is designed to make you feel right at home.

Deluxe Rooms

The Deluxe Room faces the main hotel courtyard overlooking the picturesque roofs of the Ancient Town. With a spacious en-suite bathroom, this room is designed to let you soak in the tranquility of the Ancient Town and comes complete with a dedicated relaxation area.

Superior Rooms

With the typical Naxi architecture in mind, the Superior Room is designed to welcome you at the core of the ancient town. Featuring either king or twin beds, the rooms are located on the two levels of the hotel and offer you the perfect place to rest after a day spent exploring the narrow lanes of the Ancient Town.

Tatami Rooms

Perfect for accommodating family guests and those who wish to combine ancient town lifestyle coupled with the experience of Japanese interior design. With a spacious layoutour Tatami rooms also enjoy the convenience of being situated by the Cha Ma Dao library, spilling with stories about this fascinating part of the world.



Designed by Neil Haworth, this extraordinary course is situated 3,100 metres above sea level, making it the highest in Asia and the second highest globally, after La Paz in Bolivia. Thanks to the effects of altitude, balls can travel up to 20% further than on normal courses, enabling Haworth to design – at 8,548 yards – the longest par 72 in the world, and one of the courses on every ambitious golfer’s must-play list.

The foremost 9 holes offer Scottish-style play, the rear 9 occupy a mountainous course, testing golfers’ skill and versatility to the max. At the course’s heart, the clubhouse features local crafts and artefacts worthy of its mythical paradise location, the legendary Shangri-La.

Lijiang Ancient Town Waterview Golf Club is located at the foot of Wenbi Mountain and is the closest golf course to UNESCO protected site Lijiang Ancient Town.

At the foot of Wenbi Mountain, Yulong, this is the closest golf course to the Unesco-protected Old Town of Lijiang. Winding along Wenhai Lake, with the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the background, the course features truly exceptional natural scenery. The 18 holes are distributed throughout 12 hectares at an elevation of 2,300 metres. Mother Nature may have laid on the spectacular landscape, but Joe Obringer’s design has masterfully added challenges and hazards on this 7,661-yard course.


Cars, airports, planes, taxis… and did you feed the cat before leaving? Even the most awaited holidays can start with some serious headaches!

Leave those at home and prepare yourself to experience the sounds and lights of one of the most well preserved Ancient Towns of China.

Your day starts with a special breakfast with local-boosters but if you can't live without your pancakes, not to worry, we got that covered for you. Lijiang is located at 2400mt above the sea level and ensuring that you have plenty of energy to get the most out of your time is important to us.

No visit to the Ancient Town is complete without a break to rest and sip on some local Pu Er tea. At LUX* we don’t take shortcuts, we arrange for you a visit to the oldest teahouse of Lijiang and a private audience with a true Naxi queen.

Madam He will welcome you to her world of traditional music, local delicacies and share with you the secrets of some of the finest Pu Er teas. A friendly tea challenge will light up the spirits as you sip away your morning and you might find yourself not leaving without securing a stock of tea for your friends at home.

A tasty lunch with local specialties is swiftly followed by a walk up to the Wan Gu Lou Pavilion where you will be ushered to one of the most breathtaking views of the Ancient Town. The Pavilion used to be also a key viewpoint for the local Naxi ladies to sight the return of their beloved husbands traveling along the Tea Horse Road trail.

As you leave the hotel, your guide will firstly show you how to orient yourself by reading the hidden signs of cobblestone roads and take you to the Naxi Zhongyi Market.

And did you know that the Ancient Town of Lijiang is internationally recognized for having the oldest water-supply system still effective to date?

Follow one of the many rivers to reach the majestic Water Wheel at the main plaza.

After a well-deserved good sleep, your journey continues with an early morning visit to the renowned Black Dragon Pool, officially named among some of the most beautiful landscaped parks of China with a striking view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Before you know, you will find yourself joining the locals on some Tai Chi moves and trying your handwriting skills at the Lijiang Museum of Naxi Culture where your guide will show you the secrets of the Dongba pictograms.

Museums are not your thing? SLOW life takes right at the core of the Dongba culture, avoiding noisy crowds of Sunday-tourists.

A narrow back door will let you in a Naxi-style courtyard in the village of Baisha. A true Dongba Shaman will be ready to welcome you into his institute and show you the meaning behind what is known to be the last living pictographic language.



A fusion of local morning-boosters combined with all-time favorites is served at the breakfast buffet in the restaurant as well as a selection of a la carte fresh and healthy Western and Asian options.

07:30 – 10:00


Served in our restaurant or alfresco in the main courtyard while gazing at the ancient town tiled roofs, a distinctive selection of a la carte Naxi specialties is available and locally sourced. Want to make the most of you time in Lijiang? Tasty options to go are available on request.

11:00 – 14:00 (reservation required)


Our resident chef showcases Naxi cuisine with a twist on special themed nights or on a reservation basis with a tailor-made Chefs Table... Lijiang Style! Ranging from juicy Naxi hot pot to Yunnan BBQ to name just a few, your host will marry your meal with a selection of local and imported wines and spirits.

18:00 – 22:00 (reservation required)


A place designed to inspire your next adventure along the Tea Horse Road while sipping priceless Pu’er tea or simply relaxing after a long hike with one of your favorite drinks.


Join us at the Teahouse to learn more about the art of tea making. Yunnan Pu'er teas which used to travel along the ancient tea horse road, you name it, we have it and we want you to try it!

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