The Casela Nature and Leisure Park is located in the western part of Mauritius between Flic en Flac and Tamarin. The park covers an area of about 14 ha. In the park you can see around 1500 birds of over 150 species and a variety of animals such as the impressive giant turtles and various mammals such as lions and monkeys. The park is set up with a variety of beautiful exotic plants and flowers. Moreover on the grounds of the park are located the delicious restaurant Le Mirador and a beautiful lookout point with stunning views over the west coast. Even a playground is situated there to occupy the little ones. Guided tours through the park are not offered but everyone gets a guide brochure at the entry in which are provided briefly descriptions of the individual animals.

Duration: You can spend one hour in the park as well as several hours if you take your time to enjoy it.

However this is not everything that Casela Nature and Leisure Park has to offer. A variety of activities are offered on the 4.500 hectares large area of the domain Yemen which is also owned by Casela which are inter alia unique for Mauritius.

Interacting with wild cats

Casela owns about 9 lions of three different generations and four cheetahs. These wild cats have been tamed with great care and affection so that you have the opportunity to get in direct contact with these amazing animals and enjoy the time you spend with them during your visit at the park.

Walking with Lion in Mauritius After a brief introduction to the important rules of behaviour which you should follow during the visit of the lions you can touch and stroke the animals. This is truly special and unique in Mauritius.

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