Attractions Activities In Mauritius
This is a unique and attractions activities in mauritius to meet, touch and walk with the lions, tigers and cheetahs! Watch them playing, eating and hopping on trees. Get your photo taken while touching the delicate hide and feel the quality of this wild creature.

Discover the beauty of Mauritius by quad (Arctic Cat 500cc Auto) or Buggy, a 4x4 2-seater vehicle, through our African Reserve and go over zebras, ostriches and African gazelles in their common habitat (60 minutes).

Give your youngsters a chance to be near nature at the petting ranch, where they can touch and sustain the creatures. Influence them to partake in our small angling rivalries at one of the lakes (Tilapia-angling) or let them have a ton of fun at the play area with a bouncing stronghold specifically at the passageway to the park.Share the fervor of intersection hanging extensions and swimming through a gully! You can likewise expedite them with you as traveler a quad or carriage.

Blue Safari In Mauritius

Blue Safari In Mauritius

Blue Safari in Mauritius has partitioned in to Blue Safari submarines and sub-bikes influence your fantasies to work out. Experience uncommon and remarkable minutes ! Up to now, more than 12,000 divings have been performed by Blue Safari Submarine and more than 150 000 clients of any age (2 to 91 years of age) have encountered with enchant Blue Safari experience, regardless of whether they are people, families or gatherings

Click the unique moment! Visit our African Reserve in our 10-or 30-seater safari-vehicle for a 45min outing and see deer, zebras, ostriches, African elands and different creatures in their indigenous habitat.

The submarines offer you an alternate vision and item offerings. They can jump together to more than 35 meters of profundity, in culminate amicability and for a really unique experience

Pilot your own submerged subscooter by 3 meters of profundity and appreciate a one of a kind involvement in the World !

Sightseeing Tours In Mauritius

Sightseeing In Mauritius

Sightseeing Tours In Mauritius experience the beauty of the island and your eyes on enchanting sights of picture postcard transparent lagoons, pristine coastlines, undulating sugar cane fields and other other awesome perspectives. Tours range from 15 minutes to 1 hour whereby the itinerary depends on the flight duration, helipad location and climate conditions. Customized tours can also be organized.

Prolong your flight experience with our premium transfer service. Save driving hours and transfer direct to your hotel in just a few minutes, whilst experiencing the beauty of Mauritius from the air. Transfers can be organised between SSR International Airport/hotels and vice versa. Click here to book your transfer trip.

This entails a one hour sightseeing flight coupled with a 2-hour drop-off for lunch at one of the hotels/restaurants that have a helipad facility.

Fly to some of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in Mauritius. Within minutes, you can tee-off and walk through the amazing surroundings.

Make the waiting time before your departure flight memorable by enjoying Mauritius from the air with our exclusive sightseeing tour from SSR International Airport. You may also enjoy these excursions from the airport at any time during your stay.

This service provides you with the opportunity to take video or photographs during the helicopter flight.

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